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about us

When was the last time you experienced the sensation of real music? Was it a live performance? Perhaps a symphony or a jazz jam… How attainable is this experience in your listening room? Is it close enough for the critical listener to abandon himself to the passion of music?

Fono Acustica is a audio manufacturer focused on high-end performance with an artisanal aesthetic. Our evolving line of audio products and accessories will have a shared purpose in helping audiophiles discover the untapped potential in their existing electronics. We concentrated first on premier audio cables, a course borne of restlessness with the performance and high price of current commercial designs. We offer a unique combination of performance and value in products whose ownership reflects passion for music and audio.


In this section you will find all our products


To Spanish vintners the term Armónico signifies harmonious balance : the maximum expression of quality.

Discover in Armonico Audio Cables a harmony of musical expression and audio reproduction, of high performance and the aesthetics of hand-crafted design. In revealing the source they reveal themselves. Here are a few of the “difficult” questions :

How important is a premium cable to the performance of high-end electronics and speakers?
Does the law of diminishing returns apply more dramatically to cables than to electronics?

Is the optimal cable a clear window to the source, or a tone control whose coloration is used to balance the signa-tures of components and speakers?
Along similar lines, does the optimal cable have a “house sound”, or the absence of such?
Why do manufacturers and reviewers sometimes stress the importance of combining one manufacturer’s ICs and speaker cables homogeneously throughout your system? Should not cables be judged individually?
At Fono Acustica we have thought about such things, and do not pretend to have answers to every question.
Just one of our cables can make a meaningful difference in the sound of top components and speakers.
What we offer is a single premier cable in each category, which makes it easy to audition and compare us to others. In the course of designing the best cable for each application, we found that optimal results were achieved using identical precious metals in fixed ratios but in varying amounts.

Allegro cables

Allegro cables are hand-crafted from the finest materials. The wire is manufactured specifically for Fono Acustica as a proprietary blend of silver and copper alloy, in an optimal ratio determined through listening. We use large isolating teflon and air dielectrics and Oyaide’s best connector. All cables are burned in at Factory using specialized equipment. Our cables audition reliably out of the box, and require only minimal settling time to achieve full performance. Allegro cables are resolving against a quiet background. They have a sense of wide-open bandwidth, natural frequency balance, and tonal purity—correct pitch and timbre that is critical to conveying nuance and realism. The music flows with dynamic energy, weight, and transient attack.


The art and science of great sound…

Manufacturers go to great lengths to differentiate their cables from the competition – those beautiful connector bodies on the virtuoso are no coincidence. But pick up a Virtuoso cable and you’ll immediately notice just how different it really is: soft, flexible and surprisingly light, the differences here are more – much more – than just skin deep. They reflect the materials and the way they are used, the way we build the cables, their very nature. Fono Acustica cables feel different because they really are different, a difference you hear all too clearly in the music they produce. Each Virtuoso cable is hand-built: not just hand terminated but the cable itself is hand assembled. This allows us to optimize not just the wire gauge and geometry for each specific role within the system, but the materials used and the way in which they are constructed into each type of cable. So, although the solid core conductors used throughout the range are drawn in our proprietary silver/gold alloy, sourced exclusively from a single Canadian supplier, the dimensions and the way in which they are used are different in each type of cable. The interconnect cables carry the smallest and most fragile signals. In order to protect and preserve the subtlest musical details, they use dedicated conductor dimensions for single-ended, balanced, tonearm and digital designs. The analog versions use Teflon insulation in our own air-spaced construction, with an external shield. There are no fillers or tightly wound sleeves adding weight, bulk or stiffness.

The conductors are inserted into a silicon sleeve and then wrapped in a cotton mix outer containing conductive filaments that add another layer of shielding. Fono Acustica Virtuoso Part science, part craft, not a little art – but all music! Both the speaker cables and power cords are subjected to far higher levels of mechanical energy, being connected directly to the grid and the loudspeakers. Controlling and dissipating that energy is a primary goal, reflected in the design of our renowned Sinfo AC distribution unit. The conductors for these cables are hand-wrapped in carbon filaments before insertion into loose, silicon insulation tubes wrapped in the same cotton mix outer as the interconnects. It took us many years to arrive at the precise dimensions and material proportions of these composite conductors, balancing the benefits of geometry and materials, but it was truly worth the effort. The Virtuoso power and speaker cables deliver unparalleled instrumental presence, colour and texture, music with real expressive and emotional power. The Virtuoso connectors certainly look pretty, but there’s more to them than that. Based on Oyaide hardware, the plug bodies are larger in diameter and made from silver-plated copper, their dimensions and weight carefully tuned to maximize mechanical performance. The spades are machined from solid blocks of our silver-gold alloy and include a precision hinge that allows you to optimize the cable dressing without compromising the integrity and musical qualities of their contact. It’s typical of the care and attention that we have expended on the Virtuoso cables – the finest cables we have ever made – cables that will allow your system and your music to reach right into your soul.

Power distributor


"Armonico’s gave a wonderful rendition of musical flow as if being bathed in the music rather than just have it playing in a corner." "There’s a sense of performers being more in the room with the listener"
Alan Sircom, Editor
Hi-Fi + August 2011 - Issue 82


"Armonico’s are musical to the max in any language."
Robert Levi
Positive Feedback Online - May 2011


" Armonico’s richness and romance were so pronounced that I found it easy to imagine many listeners imme-diately falling in love with them."
Michael Fremer
Stereophile - June 2011 issue


"We listened to each of the cables, and found out, as we say,” it works”. And it works very powerfully, we didn’t miss any brilliance, and on the contrary, the listening is full, dense with volume and energy. The bandwidth is extended, and it is amazing, how natural and refined the resolution is, - really ultra high-end, and still warm at the same time."


" There’s something about “armonico” sound personality, in his soul that makes them different ... and sublime." " We’re talking about material outside parameters."


" With just three components, each powered via a Fono Acustica power cord, results were truly dramatic, with remarkable and surprisingly powerful punch and dynamic expression, especially through the bass region."
Paul Messenger
Hi-Fi + October 2012, issue 92


" Armonico USB cable, the most unashamedly high-end USB cable we’ve ever tested." " This is for those who think music is one of the finer things in life."
Alan Sircom
Editor-HiFi+. Issue 103, 2013


" Made as exquisitely as human kind can do, the Sinfo is one of the very best power distributors I have ever tried in the last 45 years. It enhances dynamics and ease of presentation, lets the music swell and breathe, and enhances imaging and soundstaging on both LPs and digital sources. All this improvement is done smoothly and elegantly. It relies on expensive metals and difficult to make man made woods to do the job, no active circuitry. The Sinfo is 100% passive and an overall work of high art."


Sinfo Power Distribution "An unlimited commitment to the truth sound. Unmitigated excellence."


"Compared to the system’s sound when plugged into the wall, the Fono Acustica Sinfo sounded “lusher,” “richer,” “sweeter,”“more beautiful."
Michael Fremer
Stereophile, December 2012


" The clarity was outstanding and the detail was staggering, yet the system sounded so smooth and inviting that I could have listened for hours. Instead, I listened in three short bursts, which I rarely, if ever, do. This system sounded glorious, and the components looked great to boot."
Doug Schneider
Founder and Publisher - The SoundStage! Network


Best of Show - T.H.E. Show Newport 2012 Best Sound (cost-no-object)


T.H.E. SHOW 2012 “Eeasily one of the best sounding rooms I heard this year”


Sinfo Power Distributor "I’d strongly recommend investigating it. It impressed the daylights out of me."


Sevilla, Andalusia-Spain

Fono Acustica products are distributed throughout the world by our network of carefully selected dealers and distributors. Please contact us for your nearest dealer.